Big brand, agency experience you can count on.

The hard sell…

Gerry is a senior digital writer with the skills and experience to roll out just about any content project, from content review to chatbot creation.

He’s worked side by side with UX designers for the past four years and freelanced at digital shops like Saatchi DGS, Tribal DDB, Fracture, Shift and Terabyte.

Having started his career in both brand (Ogilvy) and retail (Y&R) roles, he’s been trained to think in terms of ideas and visually too.

The Ginger One’s ‘less is more’ approach to copy is tailor-made for the short attention span world of digital. A specialist in web editing and video scriptwriting, he’s a team player with plenty of big brand experience across numerous industries, from financial services to FMCG.

If you demand a digital writer to champion the cause of customers; someone with a direct style based on plain English language, call him a today.

The soft sell…

Headhunted by the creative powerhouse that was Singleton Ogilvy & Mather while still at ad school, I went on to create the most successful promotion in Sanitarium history and win the agency’s first creative award in three years. Right now you’re probably thinking Cannes Lion, or Axis Bronze at the very least, but in reality it was just ACP.

A brief flirtation with life on the client side followed, however the lure of advertising, with its free edit suite lunches and weekly leaving dos, proved too strong.

By the end of my time at Young & Rubicam, it had dawned on me that the disruption model of advertising was in fact no good. Digital, I decided, was where it was at, so I joined a … design agency.  One with ambitions of doing more digital, mind you.

Some copywriters get excited about ‘the power of storytelling’, almost declaring their passion for the written word in utero. Personally I think that kind of talk is best left to the likes of Homer or Irvine Welsh.

As I see it, my job is to package the messages you want to share in the best way possible. To fight the good fight alongside UX designers when others just want to make things look pretty. And sweat the small things that when added together are often the difference between good and bad communications.

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